Service & Case

Service Item

Project Service

The expert team conduct request definition, site visit, planning, customized solution development, system connection and maintenance and warranty.

Product Service

Provide standard or customized IoT products with positioning algorithms inside, provide both of leasing model or sell-out in line with customer financial planning.

Algorithm Import

Install positioning algorithm on the IoT device specified by the customer, and endow the IoT device with real-time positioning and location application functions.

API Access

Use API or Library to perform positioning on backend or IoT edge to generate location data, helping customers to obtain key data for analysis and application.

Use Case


Factory Situation Room with Positioning Data

Integrate with war situation system, provide personnel and equipment position data for fence warning, access control and serial communication software to give personnel interactive functions.


Airport Passenger Positioning PoC

Without erecting any additional equipment and modifying existing facilities, the PoC for passenger mobile phone positioning and navigation with an average positioning error of 2 meters was completed.


Positioning Algorithm inside various type HW

Positioning algorithm integrate with industrial-standard PDA, Body-Worn Camera and Robots, the average positioning error is less than 3 meters with Infrastructure-free.