Core Technology


Infrastructure-free Solution

Use sensor data and wireless signals available on site to perform positioning, integrate all infrastructure-free positioning technologies with continuous average position accuracy of 1–3m.


Customized Architecture

The system can be set up on the cloud or on-premises server. The data stream and analysis applications are performed in the form of data concatenation that conforms to the original system architecture.


Multiple HW Types Support

Positioning algorithm can be installed in Mobile & Wearable & AR & VR devices, Tag, Robots (AMR & AGV) and other hardware platforms to provide positioning data value-added services.

Service Scope

Personnel & Asset

The location data can be used for labor dispatch, electronic fencing and emergency evacuation, etc., to improve management efficiency and reduce accident risks.


Passenger vertical floor and shortcut notice. Shopping mall and exhibition promotion message can be pushed to improve field revenue efficiency and digital service quality.

IoT Enablement

Install positioning algorithm in IoT devices including BWC, AMR, AR related to enable real-time location data collection features. Customer can extend more IoT x LBS application scenarios.

Data Value-Added

Most types of industries have need to digitize personnel & asset location data. We provide most flexible and cost-advantaged location data value-added services under 5G private network.

Your Thought, We Accomplish

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